John Surovec worked for Surovec Associates for over 15 years. He passed away on February 15, 2018.

His contributions to Surovec Associates during both his formal and informal employment are important and relevant to our successes of the past and present, as well as into the future. John, near single handedly was the IT department for Surovec Associates – even before there were computers in the office. Through the years he worked almost every position at Surovec Associates which allowed him to understand all aspects of the business and industry.

He will be remembered for his genuine, warm and personable traits. He loved music and was an extremely talented songwriter and guitar player. An avid reader, he was known to read an entire book in a day. He was athletically gifted as well. In high school he ran track and made the varsity baseball team his freshman year of high school. His speed is what made him stand out from everyone else on the field.

He grew up all over Ohio, including attending Ohio University, before moving to Bethalo, Illinois to pursue his lifes greatest passion – his marriage and children. His wife, Tonya, and sons, Dylan and Nolyn. Being a family was important to John and he strived to encourage and raise his children and be everything that he could for them.

His unexpected passing was a shock to everyone. We honor his contributions to both this company and overall to the steel industry. We thank him for his years of service and wish the best for his family.